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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Logo/Tag Line Placement

How do you add a tag line to a logo? This question haunted me for quite a while but recently I think I was able to work it out with a few buddies of mine.

I used to think that the tag line unbalanced the logo, but I think that might just be the nature of tag lines. THE most important thing is your logo. The tag line is secondary, thus rightfully named, a tag line, because you tag it on. Adding an additional, but minor element(such as a tag line) may not require the original composition to adjust. This exercise may help:

1. You need to look at the logo without the tag line first, and ask yourself, “Does the logo(bug+word) look right”
2. Then(w/out adjusting your logo) tag the line of copy to your logo where it best fits.

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