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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Conservative Design

Do liberals have a corner on creativity?

I'm finding that not only are a lot of Conservative messages difficult to muddle through, a lot of design done for certain operations only reinforce the stereotype that they are out of touch and irrelevant. Don't be one of them.

When I compare organizations, I see a big difference in the area of creativity, communication(layout), professionalism, and most of all – branding.

I think in the coming generation that, unless you can clearly and succinctly state your case, you will fail. Get to the point fast. Use your branding elements; and if you don't have consistent branding elements established, get them!

"There are organizations doing great things, but they just don't know how to say it!"


  1. With younger people you certainly do have to get to the point fast. I have a VERY short attention span and many advertisements, especially those which are political, bore me to the point of tears.