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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Regulate Homeschooling?

A friend of mine thought it might be a good idea to regulate homeschooling. I told him that homeschoolers are in fact tested(which I thought later could be considered a form of regulation). My wife, who was homeschooled up until high school, took all the test that I(privately schooled) had taken. And sthere do exist homeschoolers who acquire perfect--or near-perfect--scores on their SATs and ACTs.

It sounds like they are being regulated by the state exams. And your kids are going to learn from you(as thier parent) whether you homeschool or not; So we could ask, "Why doesn't the government regulate whether you should even have kids in the first place; if you're not raising kids like the government thinks you should be raising them...?"

I want my kids to succeed. And I think you want the same for yours. But that's your responsibility not mine, not your neighbors, and not the government's.

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